Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Fall is quickly becoming my favorite season. Today I got a chance to really enjoy it. Some pictures I took on my walk to the coffee shop:

shopping spree

Goodwill is the shit.

Sunday afternoon, Jason and I wandered the overcrowded isles and managed to nab a few items that have been on my wish list for some time now--and all within my "you are super broke now" budget.

Among the treasures:
Cool ass pots for plants i bought in May, a carraffe to replace one that got shattered months ago (but we had yet to replace because we had free coffee at work--not anymore!), and the best red, Sarah Palin-esk, Talbots business suit this side of the Mississippi (photos to come).

Feeling accomplished.


Day Two:
Fellow laid-off colleagues and friends gathered for a pre-Halloween house party. Martha and I went as a recessionistas (frugal and fabulous) or as Derelict models if you prefer. Alison performed a ceremonious business card burning. Fun was had by all.

what can you do?

Day One: Michelle and I express our feelings about the day's turn of events.

jobless + blessed = jah blessed

So you know this whole "economic crisis" everyone's been talking about? Well I, along with seven of my raddest colleagues, have become the latest casualties. Last Friday, at an impromptu morning meeting, we all got laid off. I know. Balls.

But we're not ones to mope. So we e-mailed our moms, turned in our keys, and got drunk before lunch. We're all in this together, right?

Since then, despite the full realization that I'm out of a job and without regular income for the foreseeable future, it's been really hard for me not to enjoy myself and the perks of free time and ripe possibility. Funny how that works.

I decided it might be fun to document the impending adventures (and misadventures) of this new state I'm in. So here we are. Hope you like.